Pure-blood. Witch.
Creating, Beauty-seeking,
Web-spinning, Force of Nature.
Fuck them and fuck that.
– Eleanor Guthrie, Black Sails


Not all live animals rescued from wet markets are destined to become someone’s dinner or used for some bogus Asian medicinal “cure”. Some, like this half-starved kitten, will be sold as a live animal sacrifice to voodoo practitioners.

Meet Steve, a “black voodoo kitten” who was recently rescued from an African wet market by Wild @ Life.

(To watch video on W@L’s FB page, click on the photo.)

(Look at those eyes – and EARS! Bats ARE cats with wings…Love and kisses to Steve and all the compassionate people at Wild@Life.)

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October 27, 2021

Click on image above to watch the video!

Today is National Black Cat Day and we thought to share Steve.

As you know we have rescued Steve from the notorious Lagos Wet market where he was going to be sold for voodoo rituals. This is the future of many black cats in the region. At this age, still not abolishing such practices is really hard to understand and empathize with. Is simply cruel.

Steve was severely anemic and he is getting strong by each day. Now he even made himself a friend at the clinic.

We will continue our work to combat such crimes and campaign for the closure of wet markets, birth place of pandemics and zoonotic diseases.

September 3, 2021

Click on the link below to see his latest video.

Watch Steve’s latest video.

July 29, 2021

It was a dark day when we found Steve the kitten inside a bird cage at a Nigerian wet market. Now we have bright sun filled days watching him heal from his brutal past!
Steve is still receiving dedicated and specialised care with our vet, he has gained weight but continues treatment for mange and other ailments that put his life on the line many times.
Please consider supporting Steve’s medical care! Our vet bill is continuously rising and all your donations goes directly to the animals in need. (DONE! ❤️)

July 9, 2021

More good news mews from TEAM STEVE!

We share with you a heartwarming update of Steve our little Voodoo kitten. He was on deaths door when we rescued him from a wet market in Nigeria. We provided him with 24/7 care, compassion and love and our efforts have paid off.
Watching Steve play with a ball for the first time in his life is enough to bring us joy! We are now hopeful that he will continue to gain weight and hold on to his tiny life.
Please do consider sparing a few pennies to assist Steve in his plight (We made another small donation to “Team Steve”. Goddess how I love those EARS!), the costs for such intensive daily care is high ❤️.
Donate: https://lnkd.in/g_iXCP4

(To watch the video, click on the photo.)

June 30, 2021 update from Wild@Life:
Little Steve has just amazed us all! From the moment we rescued him in Nigerian wet market from being killed for black magic ritual, we really didn’t know if he could make it, the abuse he suffered was vicious and intense.

But here we have little Steve today, one month on and gaining weight, he is being hand fed and cared for 24/7 by our highly skilled vet Mark.

Please do consider supporting our important work: https://lnkd.in/g_iXCP4
(Ramses suggested we make another donation this morning…so we did!)

Please consider donating to Steve’s ongoing care. Thank you.

June 17, 2021 update from Wild@Life:

When we entered the wet market in Nigeria and rescued Steve (from black magic ritual) along 6 other animals from an unimaginable torture, we had no idea if he would make it!
2 weeks on and he continues to fight! He has been receiving around the clock care from our expert Vet, Dr Mark Ofua who is doing everything he can to make sure Steve can recover. On top of his diagnosis of viral and opportunist Bacteria he also has anemia and a low pcv count.
Please consider making a donation towards Steve’s long road to recovery and please do keep him in your thoughts.
Donate: https://lnkd.in/gT4pupN

June 12, 2021 update from Wild@Life:
Little Steve (rescued from voodoo ritual) continues to fight for survival. He is currently staying at our vet and is receiving the best medical care possible in the country. He even has made a new friend. Steve is diagnosed with viral infection which in turns brings opportunistic bacteria infection. He also suffers consequences of a long time severe starvation. Treatment is ongoing, please keep your paws crossed for him. (Indeed. Ramses and I made a donation this morning to help get Steve back on his feet…er paws…post-haste!)

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