June is Cat Adoption Month

Cats are a passion of mine (I tell people I came out of the womb loving cats).  So, I’ve decided to include photos of the 2 felines that are part of this household.

Diego was born to a mother cat who was obviously an abandoned pet. He was the only one left of her litter when she brought him around. Looks pretty contented now…and is hopelessly devoted to me.

Leo was the runt (!) of a litter born to one of the many cats that get abandoned at California’s Great America. Fortunately, the employees there make sure they’re fed and spayed/neutered (obviously, Leo’s mom was missed the first time around…). Originally named “Creampuff”, he went through 2 homes (and a necessary name-change) before settling down here.

Just this side of heaven (4-14-16)


If you don’t already have a best fur-friend at home – now’s the time to go out and find one at your local shelter.


And here’s the love of my life…   Ortoloni   (RIP 12-4-2011)

The Love of a Cat Named Ortoloni (12-4-15)

Lonithat tail...













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