Charles Vane – R.I.P. (spoiler alert)

I don’t watch television – I don’t get the point of it.  I’ll watch an occasional movie on DVD – but I made a HUGE exception for Black Sails:

  1. Strong female lead characters – you may get 1 (if you’re lucky) in a series, but 3 is a rarity:  Eleanor Guthrie, Anne Bonny, and Max
  2. Bonus that the 1st episode provided me with the quintessential rock band:
    Drums: (Long) John Silver
    Bass: Anne Bonny
    Guitar:  Charles Vane
    Singer/frontman:  John Rackham
  3. “Winky” shots (nice they kept us ladies in mind when they doled out the nudity)
  4. Charles Vane – the feline grace, the throaty rasp of a voice, the soul of a romantic. He’s the character I came back for episode after episode (and the man of my dreams) – and now they’ve killed him off…

Captain Charles Vane (Zach McGowan)

Starz pretty much ripped out the heart & soul of Black Sails; and I have to admit the romantic in me really wanted Eleanor & Charles to burn up the screen once more…sigh…

Black Sails' Vane and Eleanor

I guess it’s time to ditch the series and hunt down my OWN Captain Vane.

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