7.4.16: Hawk sightings

Don’t know if it’s the same pair but their high-pitched screech is unmistakable. Hawks.

In past years, I’ve seen them taking off from the rooftops, but the tree outside my room has afforded me a more personal and up-close view of these predators.

Diego and I have a morning routine. When I start grabbing pillows he knows it’s time to jump off the bed (and onto the windowsill) so I can make it. Suddenly he freezes, his head upturned. I know he’s spotted something – probably a squirrel. But as I’m approaching the window I see this huge bird in it. One of the hawks!

Being summer, I leave the window open so I proffer a greeting to our visitor: “Good morning. Looking for breakfast?”

Cool, haughty birds that they are I get a ruffling of feathers before it takes flight.

Well, as I’m trying to rouse myself early this morning (Diego’s already awake) I hear the hawk, and by the sound of the screech I can tell it’s close by. Sure enough, it lands in our tree – followed by another – followed by 2 smaller ones. BABIES. We have baby hawks!!

Diego and I watch the baby hawks jump from branch to branch, fly to a nearby tree then fly back – their parents screeching encouraging words to them.

I didn’t get any pictures…all this happened in a short span of time – both of us caught up in the moment. Wonderment.

n. a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful,
unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable


Diego & I (and our new friends) wish you a

Happy Fourth of July!


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