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My Sarracenia pupurea was beginning to push itself off the windowsill so I had to come up with a solution – preferably hanging.

A trip to the local Summerwinds (conveniently located 3 blocks away) provided me with: (1) a hanging planter that could be used with or without drainage and (2) inexpensive plastic “drip saucers” meant for use with hanging planters. SCORE!

Since I won’t be removing the plug from the drainage hold, when filled with enough water (i.e. LOTS) to create a mini bog this planter will be HEAVY. I’m happy the hanging planter is lightweight plastic. The “drip saucers” I attached as a precaution should the planter itself leak.

Here’s the result:

Alongside the S. pupurea I planted another Sarracenia (“Bug Bat”)
– along with some unexpected curiosities:

Final destination:


ℳ –

It’s pronounced

Note: Pagan is not pronounced the same as the people who worship idols, you moronic announcers!

Ángel Pagán

Angel Pagan

8-18-16 10:34pm
NY vs Giants here at home
2 runs scored by Giants, leaving them ahead 10-7*

* Good to have some breathing room because “our closer leaves the door open” (credit goes to Tim Pollestad for this pithy remark). GO GIANTS!!


M –

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