Big things…

have small beginnings.*

May I introduce you to the newest member of the Carnie family here @
Chez Rock Vixen: a baby Cephalotus follicularis

OK, that last shot was all about my being a “plant geek”. Peter D’Amato is THE defacto expert on Carnivorous Plants, owns California Carnivores (this little guy was my first purchase from them), and has written the top-selling book on “carnies” (now in its 2nd printing). The bits of paper on top were attached to the package and are inspection tags issued by California with regard to shipping plants within its borders (I’ve never seen any tags on packages received from Black Jungle Terrarium Supply in Massachusetts). BTW, I’d recommend either of these companies if you want to purchase plants online. All shipments arrived in PERFECT condition.


ℳ –

*Lawrence of Arabia


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