My Carnies have a new set-up!

Although my bedroom window is bright it gets no direct sun; and (with the exception of my Butterwort) this has made my carnivorous plants a tad unhappy…

Doing my research beforehand, I drove down to the local Petco and picked-up a nifty “greenhouse” (aka reptile enclosure) and full-spectrum light fixture for them.

They decided to celebrate by decorating their new digs for Halloween: Carnie-VIL style.

New “greenhouse”
(the plants outside will benefit, too)

Grim Reaper
(notice the black cat on his lap)

My collection of Sarracenia,
Bladderwort – and Cephalotus


My Cephalotus has grown
– with no direct sun!

(they get hungry…)

Compare the Cephalotus photo above with the one I took when it first arrived:
New Arrival: Aug 8, 2016


M –


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