Layoffs…they happen – but before I elaborate I have something to say to a few Associates I worked with in the H.R. Department at CGA.

Ladies first

Vanessa (“V”): Thank you for all those times you came by (on your break, of course) just to say HI and chat – I felt like I was part of the group.

Kayla: Thank you for your “good morning/afternoon” smiles, for those (damn) great-smelling lunches, and for wanting a black cat!

Elaine: Thank you for your initiative, and for taking the time to ask me questions – I didn’t mind at all.

Jazmine (“JAZ”): Thank you for telling me my notes were helpful, your calm demeanor – and for always smelling so wonderful!

Selena: Thank you for not only offering to make those calls, but asking if you could have the weekend to finish the list! ;>

Felisha: Thank you for all your help and detailed notes, and for your calm patience handling those incoming calls.

Tessie: Thank you for going the extra mile altering pants for me, and for being sweet about it the whole time.

Neal (not “Neil”): Thank you for your “forever” cheerfulness and for being so considerate at our department outing.

Jeff: Thank you for your “cool” (calm) manner and for paying attention to all the details (yes, they matter).

Thank All of You for making my workdays "extra bright" - Michelle

layoffing – Part 2


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