Planz: Plantz!

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plantz, plants, plantes, plantae, plantas, mrr-ump*

n. a living organism of the kind exemplified by trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, ferns,
and mosses

Remember the Lapidaria margaretae (Karoo rose) purchased at the SF Conservatory of Flowers back in July?

The Cephalotus follicularis (Australian Pitcher Plant) I bought from California Carnivores back in August has been growing like crazy in CarnieVil (notice the two leaves at the top)

Speaking of CarnieVIL, here’s an updated shot (taken 11.10.2016):

Planter upper right – outside CarnieVIL – is from Post “Bog Blog”:

M –

*According to Diego, the word for “plants” in Meow-ese – which apparently extends to plants of the kitten variety (If you’re going to plant kittens, please note the “planting guide” at the end.)

Although these are not MY plantings, I DID admire the gardeners’ sense of whimsy. ;>

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