Shelter Fire ⇒ update

oasis-for-animals-fb Oasis for Animals is a no-kill shelter in Langley, WA.
On November 26 a fire broke-out at the shelter – all of the kitties were rescued from the building by one of the volunteers.

12.4.16 Update:

"Yesterday 3 of the kittens who were exposed to the toxic smoke in the 
fire were experiencing some breathing problems. Two of them were breathing 
more rapidly than normal and the other little one had heavy nasal 

Nikki, the little brown tabby, and Danny, the orange/white boy, had 
X-rays taken. Their lungs are still somewhat compromised, so we were 
given different oral medications for them. And we are also continuing 
the inhaled nebulizer treatments. Their prognosis is good, but they 
are being monitored closely since pneumonia is a possibility.

Ellie, the blue/grey baby girl, was given two nasal flushes yesterday 
to clear out her nasal passages. She is also on oral medication as 
well as the inhaled nebulizer treatments. Ellie's breathing is better 
now, but she needs to be force-fed because she can't smell food very 
well yet and doesn't want to eat it.

We took these pictures at the vet clinic. We were there for several 
hours, and the kitties decided to nap on the towel we put down on the 
floor. So they cuddled up, purred and did very well, as they each 
waited for their individual treatments. It was a very good day!"



"We are in shock, disbelief and so sad about the fire damage, loss of some 
precious kittens, as well as 14 kittens and 5 adult cats that suffered the 
effects of inhaling toxic smoke. All of the 19 kitties are receiving 
intense treatment to hopefully save all of them. We have an experienced 
vet who we are fortunate to have found immediately after the fire last 
night, on an emergency basis."

Donations can be made through PayPal

OR by mail:
Oasis for Animals
PO Box 1304
Langley, WA 98260


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