“Prince” Valentino

Posted 2.27.17 @ leavenopawsbehind.org:

“I just got off the phone with the good Doc at the The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks AND, wait for it, she told me that Valentino’s condition is STELLAR!!!! Now we talked about how long it would be till he is non-contagious and she told me that it takes quite some time, possibly another 2-4-6 weeks in the hospital. We also discussed his ravenous appetite and she told me that is quite normal for an animal that has experienced “starvation” and he is fed every 2-3 hours so he does not gauge himself and get sick. She also told me that his body is recovering from so much, similar to that of a burn victim, and he needs all that energy to keep him going. I cannot even begin to fathom what his life was like HOWEVER today he is the living the life of a little prince! We got him a little cat bed, which as you can see, he has no idea what to do with yet LOL, and a scratching post!”

“In spite of it all, he is the most loving, grateful and sweetest little fella ever and he is so grateful for his Gift of Life and Love and excellent medical care! Valentino is about 2-5 years old and sadly, up to this point, has lived a lifetime of only knowing hunger, pain and sickness…I want to thank everyone who donated for his care and thanks to all of you, his medical care and needs are all covered and he will never, ever want for anything again in life.”

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