One more reason to hate FB

Urban Jungle Bloggers is a community of “urban gardeners” from around the world. Each month the editors of UJB choose a theme and the UJB community posts photos to share with the world!


I visit often and finally decided to jump in myself this year.

Today I received the March “assignment” which indicated I should post on Instagram. Each week in March the folks at UJB would post the best photos on their Instagram account. So I go to Instagram and created an account. Mind you, I was given the choice of providing either a phone number OR email account. Since I don’t have a “smart” phone, I used an email account.

Everything’s hunky dory so far. I’m looking for fellow Instagrammers that I know and following those I find – when all of a sudden I receive this:


Lovely. I might’ve known. Facebook bought Instagram and I find FB insidious at best. I can’t even locate some way to cancel/delete the account. FUCK THEM AND FUCK THAT!!!

Fortunately, after explaining the problem to the wonderful people @ UJB, they provided me with an alternate way to submit photos. Bless them.

If any of my photos are featured you know damn well you’ll be seeing that in a Plant Lust  Post… xxoo.

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