CarnieVIL – now with more Kelvins!!!

n.  the basic unit of temperature in the International System of Units (SI), formally defined
to be approximately 1/273 of the triple point of water

Color temperature is a characteristic of visible light and is stated in units of absolute temperature, known as Kelvin (K). Sunlight in its pure form has a kelvin temperature of around 5,000 degrees kelvin.

Although the carnivorous plants in CarnieVIL are growing, when comparing them to one plant I have in my roommate’s window (which gets sun from morning ’til noon)…not as lush or vibrantly colored. Re-researching and talking to the guys at South Bay Hydroponics, the solution to this problem was: more Kelvins! (5500 of them, to be exact.) Package with the CFL and aluminum-reflector lamp arrived yesterday.

CarnieVIL v.2

ℳ –


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