SJCSS: 2017 Spring Show & Sale

San Jose Cactus & Succulent Society
Spring Show & Sale
April 29-30, 2017

My Booty

Drimiopsis maculata – a bulbous plant in the subfamily Scilloideae (of which hyacinths, bluebells, and squills also belong). This plant is highly toxic to both cats & dogs. (I have a Silver Squill – a kissin’ cousin – growing in the kitchen, well out of the reach of you-know-who…)

Left:  Tradescantia sillamontanarelated to the Wandering Jew. I already have a Tradescantia pallida and another purchased at the SJCSS 2016 Fall Show & Sale: Tradescantia spathacea:

(Looks like I’m starting a collection.) There were a lot of varieties at the show. Hard to choose. This one was just begging me to pet it. ≋;>  Note: The ASPCA lists as toxic to dogs – non-toxic to cats but may cause an allergic reaction in the skin. (I keep mine out of reach…)

Look at this beautiful planting – for a shady spot outdoors or a bright one inside.

The photo to the right of the Tradescantia sillamontana is a miniature succulent, Crassula ‘Tom Thumb’ variegated. (The well-known Jade Plant (Crassula argentea) belongs to the Crassulaceae family.)  Since the ASPCA lists the Jade Plant as toxic to both cats & dogs assume ALL Crassula are toxic. Grow & display them accordingly.

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