80’s Blast::Sam Kinison

(anyone who thinks otherwise can go jump in Lake Minnetonka)

Sam Kinison
Wild Thing
from the album Have You Seen Me Lately? (1988)

Sam Kinison (1988 album Have You Seen Me Lately?)

Originally recorded by The Troggs in 1966, Sam revamped Wild Thing  into “…a blistering condemnation of the title subject, with lines such as ‘Why didn’t you tell me you were a demon from Hell” and “The only thing that gets you off is to see me in pain.'” (which I loved – as well as Sam’s signature “oh-oh” scream) AND showcased Kinison’s fierce guitar riffs.

The video featured a TON of Cameos by 80’s Rockers (such as Steven Tyler, Joe Perry;\, Billy Idol, Tommy Lee, Slash, Steven Adler, Stephen Pearcy, Warren DeMartini, Robbin Crosby, Richie Sambora, Jon Bon Jovi, Dweezil Zappa, Steve Vai, and C.C. DeVille) and, of course, the beautiful and sultry Jessica Hahn!

A version by LA-based punk band X is featured in the 1989 film Major League – and Cheap Trick covered it for the Encino Man soundtrack (1992).

Sam Kinison also appeared in the following videos:  “Kickstart My Heart” (Mötley Crüe, 1989), “Bad Medicine” (Bon Jovi, 1988), and “Heartbeat” (D’Priest – of London fame, 1990).

R.I.P. Sam. We miss you…

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Warriors, come out to pla-ay

Game 2 Western Conference Finals

Not only did they come out to play – the Warriors BROUGHT IT!!
Final Score: Warriors 136, Spurs 100

Oakland dominated the game tonight from start to finish. Hotshot rookie, Patrick McCaw, showed some real hustle and Curry didn’t fail to WOW the fans at Oracle Arena. The next showdown will be on the Spurs’ home turf on Saturday.


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80’s Blast::Billy Idol

(anyone who thinks otherwise can go jump in Lake Minnetonka)

Billy Idol
Hot In The City
from his self-titled album Billy Idol
(1982, reissued in 1983)Billy Idol (1983 reissue)

MTV banned the 1987 version because it showed Idol’s girlfriend,
Perri Lister*, bound to a cross (3:33).

The song was featured in the 1998 film Big.

In 2014 Billy Idol published his autobiography, Dancing with Myself.

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*An Aries

The Curry-Durant Show…Take 1

Game 1 Western Conference Finals
Final Score: Warriors 113, Spurs 111

Oakland does this so often I almost think it’s “game strategy”:   They were behind from the git-go – waiting until the 11th hour to pull ahead to win the game. (But man what a nail-biter…I alternated cursing and cheering while jumping up and down in front of the TV.)

Steph Curry & Kevin Durant were on their game, with Steph scoring 40 points and KD (my fav) racking-up 34 points.


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