Daily Tarot::King of Cups (reversed)

HP Tarot Deck

The King of Cups reversed is about balanced male and feminine energy; he holds all the positive qualities of both masculine and feminine. There can be an element of risk-taking energy when he appears. When you receive the reversed King of Cups, think deeply about what your most important dreams and desires are and how you might go after them. This King should inspire you to take risks – when necessary. If you are looking for love, this card can point to a person coming into your life who is ready to let go of everything to pursue his dreams of love and happiness. It’s a very romantic card. Be open. The reversed King can often point to someone who is prepared to risk everything, including financially, in order to pursue a dream. There is nothing wrong with this provided one has a solid plan and is willing to work to bring things about. The reversed King of Cups can indicate a tendency to be cavalier when it comes to spiritual seeking. It’s important to think for yourself, and explore for your own self when he appears. Above all, think deeply many, many times, before making major life changes (like leaving the country). Take one step at a time. There is no need to hurry. You might repent hasty decisions made on the basis of a short-lived “spiritual” insight.

(Known also as the Lord of Waves and Waters, The King of Cups represents fire in the element of water, trying to bring the contrasts in balance. He is aligned with the masculine properties of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces; and represents mastery of emotion and channeling of desires and wishes.)

Image © Eleonore Pieper

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