Daily Tarot::Death (reversed)

The lronWill Alchemist Tarot

As with the upright meaning, the appearance of the “Death card” does NOT necessarily, or even usually, indicate physical death. This card, whether upright or reversed, simply indicates transformation and change. When Death appears in reverse, it often indicates that the changes that are likely to be coming in the Querent’s life are of a less intense nature than the changes indicated by the upright card. Again, it bears repeating that the energy of this time is not just change or destruction; it is change or destruction followed by renewal. Almost without exception in life, when one door closes, another is opening. Will you have the courage to step through? You may be dealing with a quiet undercurrent of dissatisfaction in your working life. When this card appears in reverse, it does not mean that you should just ignore these feelings, it means you should give serious consideration to exactly what you are feeling, and why, and what you can do about it. You may benefit most from a complete change of field. If you are interested in doing so, make the leap, and know that you can do it. If you are single and looking for love now, there may need to be a transformation in how you see yourself/an increase in your self-esteem in order for love to come to you. Give it some thought. There may be some changes looming in your financial situation when this card appears. If there is a downturn in your finances know that it is unlikely to last forever. It’s important to keep your stress level manageable in order to stay in good health now. Any time this card appears in any configuration or context, it is particularly important to cultivate a positive attitude. Even if you are in the midst of a deep depression, know that this too shall pass. Don’t fight change. Allow yourself to feel what you feel, but don’t wallow in pain or sorrow. We were not sent to this world to suffer endlessly. Even when it seems we have nothing but our bodies, there are always steps we can take. Take your steps, and help others to take theirs. You have more to offer to the world than you realize.

(Known as the Child of the Great Transformers and Lord of the Gate of Death, Death is ruled by Scorpio and represents transformation and regeneration. It is a positive indication that a major transformation is about to occur.)

Image © Svenja Hansen

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