Daily Tarot::Page of Swords (reversed)

Clover Tarot Deck*

*In this deck Daughters = Pages

Swords represent the element of Air and qualities of intellect and rationality; and also to every considerated achievement such as culture, science, philosophy – or any ongoing process that later ends up as “history”. Swords are aligned with Uranus (the planet of change and revolution, independence and new inventions).

The reversed Page of Swords can sometimes represent a literal person in your life. This can be someone younger than you, who may have a tendency to stick his or her nose in where it doesn’t belong. If so, don’t hesitate to draw boundaries. In general the reversed Page of Swords tells you that you simply can’t plan for everything. Unexpected occurrences are part of life and you shouldn’t beat yourself up because of them. Work through any problems that crop up one step at a time. If you’re seeking work, know that some employers are very likely to do intensive background checks before hiring you. Be prepared to respond about questions regarding your past and/or about information you consider personal, like your credit score. If you are looking for love you may be attracted to someone who strikes you as a braggart or a “big talker.” Sometimes this is just nervousness – give them a chance. When it comes to money, the reversed Page can indicate that you may receive a message that you aren’t thrilled about. Don’t panic; you can work with the situation and things could be a whole lot worse. Don’t overreact, either. The initial information you get may be incorrect. Dig deeper and be patient

(The Page of Swords is also referred to as the Princess of the Rushing Winds and Lotus of the Palace of Air. It represents a renewal of mental and intellectual clarity, new ideas and information that have the capacity to bring dramatic change. The Page of Swords brings new beginnings and the release of fears that have been holding you back.)

Image © Nika Berne

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