Daily Tarot::9 of Pentacles (reversed)

The 9 of Pentacles (upright) was seen on 6.26.2017.

Orien Tarot

The 9 of Pentacles reversed is generally a good omen, but it does warn that one must pay at least some attention to being disciplined and not give in too much to pleasure and relaxation. Yes, you have a lot of wonderful things in your life to enjoy, but there must be some effort made to keep things going. Don’t rest on your laurels for too long. Although you have a great deal to be proud of and hopeful about, action on your part is still needed. Be sure that you are very clear and specific about your goals and plans. Know what your part is in bringing them about. If you aren’t sure what you need to do next, ask for advice from someone you trust. Think positively. If you’re looking for a position, the 9 of Pentacles reversed tells you that you must be methodical and disciplined (and also play those attributes up) in your job search. If you do so, a good/suitable job may well come your way. The reversed 9 says that if you are looking for love/want to be successful in your love relationships, that you can’t expect this to “just happen.” action and intention on your part is necessary. The 9 of Pentacles reversed shows that you have the capacity for a great deal of spiritual growth now, but you may not be feeling inspired to take advantage of the opportunity. Do what you can; even a little study and meditation can bring positive, important insights. It is more than worth the effort.

(The 9 of Pentacles is known as the Lord of Material Gain and is aligned with Venus in Virgo. It represents belief in abundance and plenty, growth and gain. Venus is the planet of pleasure and Virgo is material manifestation, service and health. Together they represent bringing into being material abundance that provides feelings of affluence, well-being, comfort and an appreciation of the beauty in one’s surroundings.)

Image © Shir Wen Sun

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