Daily Tarot::7 of Pentacles (reversed)

Mystical Cats Tarot

Numerically Seven represents introspection and thought. The natural Element of the Pentacles Suit is Earth – celebration of the beauty of nature, our interactions with plants and animals, and our physical experiences in the body. Earth also represents prosperity and wealth of all kinds.

Also known as “The Waiting Card”, the reversed 7 of Pentacles indicates you may experience cancellations and delays. Something you were really looking forward to maybe postponed. No matter what you do, there is a certain point that you have to wait for the results and allow the fruit to ripen in its own time. Sow the seeds most likely to grow, then let go of your expectations and cultivate patience. Learn from the lesson this card is presenting and understand that your own impatience can ruin everything. Make no hasty decisions now. Long story short:  Don’t do anything rash because there’s a good chance you’ll end up looking stupid (!). Maintain balance on all levels and take care that you do not hurt anyone during the transition.

(The 7 of Pentacles is aligned with Saturn in Taurus and is also known as the Lord of Success Unfulfilled. It represents sustained effort, concentration, and commitment to growth. The 7 of Pentacles are falling into Netzach, the fields of anarchy and destiny. The hope within the card is the hand of Saturn, the father of time, who reminds us to wait for a chance instead of quickly jumping after any vague promise; to silently watch and reflect and get deeper insights into the coherences, until the time will come when a real chance shows up.)

Image © Lunaea Weatherstone & Mickie Mueller

In addition to the regular methodology I use for drawing my Daily Tarot Card, I’m starting to draw a SECOND card from the top of the deck (curiosity mostly, but also to compare the two):
7 of Wands (Fire)
A positive card, you should expect good things to happen when you see it – especially relating to contests or competitions. The 7 of Wands in the Present position can mean there’s an upcoming period of competition or conflict. You can come out on top though, but you’ll need to truly apply yourself if you want to succeed. it’s likely that there are a limited number of openings that many people are going for. The 7 of Wands in the Future position suggests a long path of continued growth. Have you just started something new? Expect it to be an ever-growing part of your life. Don’t feel as though the odds are stacked against you. If you’re overwhelmed, don’t get discouraged. Stop and try again. The 7 of Wands in regards to Numerology reminds you to think before you act.

If you have many sevens in a reading, it could suggest the need to calm down
and think about your situation, even if you feel the need to act now.

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