Daily Tarot::The High Priestess

The High Priestess embodies one of My Archetypes:  The Sorceress

n. a woman authorized to perform sacred rites
n. a woman who practices sorcery; a witch

Royo Dark Tarot

Element:  Water
Number:  2 – the most feminine among all numbers (sensual and intuitive) and the symbol of female duality (strength and resiliency)

Being a very spiritual card, The High Priestess is telling you to pay attention to your dreams and follow your intuition. Synchronicities abound. The High Priestess also has a seductive side. Your sexuality is potent and will act like a magnet – people will be irresistibly drawn to you. In terms of work, she may point to new opportunities coming your way.

(Also known as the Priestess of the Silver Star, The High Priestess exemplifies the Archetype of feminine mystique: the dark subconscious. Mystical, intuitive, sexually-charged. Ruled by the Moon, she is the Sorceress of old.)

Image © Luis Royo

In addition to the regular methodology I use for drawing my Daily Tarot Card, I’m starting to draw a SECOND card from the top of the deck (curiosity mostly, but also to compare the two):
Knight of Pentacles (R) – Earth
Another Knight (see yesterday’s card) – how delicious! The Knight of Pentacles is also known as Lord of the Wild and Fertile Land and represents Earth in Fire – remember Knights are fire-bringers. When Earth meets Fire the body becomes inflamed. We’re talking sex here. He’s also practical, patient, diligent, and steady. The Knight of Pentacles represents physical discipline; not only in the care of your body, but in the physical actions needed for your dreams to materialize. He may also refer to a younger man in your life.

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