Daily Tarot::The Hanged Man (reversed)

NOTE:  Reversed cards now interpreted as Upright – with greater emphasis.

The Tarot of Sexual Magic

Element:  Water
Number:  12 (the perfect number and symbol of the Zodiac)

The Hanged Man is all about revelations (those “aha!” moments) and the pursuit of higher wisdom.

In the Rider-Waite deck an aura surrounds the character’s head – a halo.
Reversed he looks like a dancer, gracefully balanced on one toe (Nureyev?)

The Hanged Man asks that you surrender yourself to what is being revealed. Change is a part of life and the Hanged Man is telling you to stop struggling. “Let go” and whatever has been “sacrificed” will be replaced with something else infinitely more positive. Banish negative thoughts and beliefs; they are self-fulfilling prophesies. Make sure your self-fulfilling prophesies are ones that will bring you the life you truly desire.

(As the Spirit of the Mighty Waters, The Hanged Man is associated with Neptune – the planet of illusion and ecstatic vision. This card is aligned with Odin, who hung on the Tree of Life for nine days; and represents letting go, breaking through old patterns, and sacrificing something to achieve something of greater value.)

Image © Laura Tuan & Mauro De Luca

In addition to the regular methodology I use for drawing my Daily Tarot Card, I’m starting to draw a SECOND card from the top of the deck (curiosity mostly, but also to compare the two):
3 of Cups  – Water
(Known as the Lord of Abundance, the 3 of Cups is aligned with Mercury in Cancer – representing heartfelt understanding, celebration, and love overflowing.)
Threes represent a sense of stability. With the 3 of Cups this translates to emotional stability, brought on by a circle of supportive friends – specifically female. This card may point to a reunion with a lost love. In any case, the 3 of Cups shows you’ve found joy and fulfillment in love; you are aware of its worth

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