Daily Tarot::7 of Cups (reversed)

NOTE:  Reversed cards now interpreted as Upright – with greater emphasis.
The 7 of Cups was last drawn on 7.16.2017

Albrecht Durer Tarot

Number:  7 – introspection and thought

Sevens move us from the world of the Sixes (consciousness, harmony, balance, and beauty) into the depths of creativity, sensitivity, and anarchy.

The 7 of Cups is giving us seven path choices. None of these choices is either positive or negative, good or bad, right or wrong. Do you know what it is you truly want and desire? Can you tell truth from fantasy? Are these choices mere distractions without substance? Look inward. Knowing yourself will give you all the answers you need to make the right decision – or no decision. The 7 of Cups can also indicate you’re taking on too much right now and feeling overwhelmed – narrow your focus. Visualize your most important goals and desires being met.

Veronica Noir says, “Decisons, Choices and Other People’s Voices”

(Also called Debauch, the 7 of Cups is known as the Lord of Illusionary Success. It is aligned with Venus in Scorpio and represents choices, decisions, disorganization, and illusion.)

Image © Giacinto Gaudenzi

In addition to the regular methodology I use for drawing my Daily Tarot Card, I’m starting to draw a SECOND card from the top of the deck (curiosity mostly, but also to compare the two):
The Magician – with greater emphasis (Air)
The Magician was last drawn on 7.28.2017
(Also known as the Magus of Power, The Magician is ruled by Mercury and represents consciousness, action, and creation.) The Magician is a symbol (Archetype) for all the creative skills and ideas inside you. He’s telling you the power to make things happen out of thin air is yours. Harness that energy and make your dreams and desires come true.

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