Daily Tarot::The Emperor

The Emperor was last drawn on 8.9.2017

Beautiful Creatures Tarot

Number: 4 – stability, order, foundation; aligned with Mars

The Emperor urges you to fan the fires of power and control. You are in control of your life – don’t let others bully you. Being that The Emperor is ruled by Aries, He is the maverick of the Tarot – the one true rebel. Fuck what others may think and forge your own path, never looking back and never hesitating.

(As the Son/Sun of the Morning and the Chief among the Mighty, The Emperor is ruled by Aries and represents leadership, independence, courage, and individuality.)

Image © Jasmine Becket-Griffith & J. R. Rivera

In addition to the regular methodology I use for drawing my Daily Tarot Card, I’m starting to draw a SECOND card from the top of the deck (curiosity mostly, but also to compare the two):
Queen of Wands (Fire)
The Queen of Wands was last drawn on 6.21.2017
(Known also as the Queen of the Thrones of Flame, the Queen of Wands is aligned with Aries (as well as Leo and Sagittarius) and represents warmth, pleasure, loyalty, and self-knowledge) The Queen of Wands is the Tarot card I chose to represent myself.
She even has her own web page.

Veronica Noir says it all:  Queen of Wands = One Badass Bitch!

With The Emperor and the Queen of Wands in my corner today, the World better head for cover!

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