Cats ~ Bats ~ Rock ‘n Roll

Diego and I wish you fiendishly scary tidings this Halloween!

Today we’re celebrating cats, bats, and rock and roll – starting with cats. Black cats, of course. Diego’s been collecting art over the last few years, and his online gallery is an homage to all things black cat.

Bats are cats with wings…(just look at the piece above) Unfortunately, I don’t have a camera that’ll take night-time photos/vids of all the bats around here.

My very favorite Halloween movie, one of my favorite “rock & roll” movies, AND one of my favorite movies of all time is…

It’s got satanic messages emitted when playing a record backward, a fucking hot-ass Rocker, and a rock soundtrack (Fastway). Everything a great Rock/Mëtal movie should have. Plus cameos by Gene Simmons and Ozzy (as a televangelist).

‘Kayso, what’s your favorite Halloween pleasure?

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