Daily Tarot::10 of Pentacles

The 10 of Pentacles was last drawn on 11.21.2017

(Having just read “Undead with Benefits”, I thought this appropriate…)

Zombie Tarot

This is a positive card indicating your life is a cornucopia of material wealth, inner peace, love, and happiness. It also signifies sharing what you have with others.

n. an abundant supply of good things of a specified kind

Drawing the 10 of Pentacles two days in a row means I’m not getting its message…


  • What’s the importance of the 10 of Pentacles in my life right now?
    10 of Pentacles
    (How interesting I drew the same card that I’m doing this spread on…)
    In all aspects of your life, things are going very well – you have much to be thankful for. Share in whatever way you can.
  • What is preventing me from hearing the message of the 10 of Pentacles?
    High Priestess
    In this placement (Shadow aspect) the card may indicate the need to acknowledge hidden or repressed feelings. If this is the case, heal yourself by facing down and conquering your fears. The High Priestess in a negative position can symbolize illusion – something may not be as it appears; use intuition to uncover the truth. She might be pointing to a situation which you need to step away from; let things quiet down before addressing the issue (i.e., mull things over before taking any action)
  • How can I release any blockages?
    Strength often shows an extreme sensitivity to the emotional and creative energies around you. You may need to temporarily withdraw in order to re-energize yourself. Use your inner strength and power to overcome any obstacles and bring passion, joy, and vision to every aspect of your life. Find a harmonious balance between your animal and spiritual essences.

(Known as the Lord of Wealth, the 10 of Pentacles represents wealth – both materially, emotionally, and spiritually, prosperity, fortune, and completion of a journey. It’s aligned with Mercury in Virgo. The 10 of Pentacles’ Shadow side manifests itself as poverty, impatience, disorganization, domestic strife, and laziness.)

Image © Paul Kepple

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