Daily Tarot::9 of Swords

The 9 of Swords was last drawn on 11.10.2017

78 Tarot Nautical

All Nines are connected with the energy of the Moon and the subconscious. Being aligned with the element of Air, Swords reflect the qualities of intellect and rationality – always thinking and analyzing. The 9 of Swords points to deep psychological activity – manifesting as anxiety, anguish, self-cruelty, and nightmares.

Drawing the 9 of Swords indicates the need to guard against anxiety. Your fears may be of your own making, or you may discover you are under attack. If the latter, this person’s projecting their own demons onto you. Either way, you are dealing with phantoms. They are not real. In addition, the 9 of Swords reminds you not be overly analytical. You might have a tendency to overthink issues and find fault where there is none. Consciously focus on the little, everyday things that bring joy to your life.

(The 9 of Swords is also known as “Cruelty”. It represents facing up to a truth, taking control of one’s destiny, defensiveness, and sharp reasoning. The Shadow side of the 9 of Swords can appear as aggression, self-torment, nightmares, or despair.)

Image © Joanna Nelson

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