Daily Tarot::8 of Grails (reversed)

NOTE:  Reversed cards interpreted as Upright – with greater emphasis.

The 8 of Cups was last drawn on 8.15.2017

Tarot of Vampyres

Numerically, 8 signifies personal power, courage, and spiritual consciousness. It is also the number of Karma.

The 8 of Cups points to a spiritual awakening soon to occur. It also means you are consciously seeking happiness – moving away from toxic situations, people, and emotions. Like the Vampyre Lord in the card above, you’ve been feeling bound and need to break those chains. Rid yourself of mental and emotional clutter – making room for something else that will set your spirit soaring. Schedule some “alone time” with yourself. Meditate, perform relaxation exercises or yoga. Listen and heed that still voice inside you.

Happiness is…waking up and finding ladybugs walking all over you.

(Aligned with Saturn in Pisces, the 8 of Cups is also known as the Lord of Abandoned Success or “Indolence” and represents energy stagnation, awakenings, soul-searching, and spiritual fulfillment. The Shadowy side of this card can appear as restlessness, anxiety or depression, poverty, or emotional blockage.)

Image © Ian Daniels

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