Daily Tarot::Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles was last drawn on 10.31.2017

DC Tarot

In a Tarot reading, Pentacles deal with material wealth, the physical body, home, and financial security. The Queen of Pentacles is deeply tied to physical beauty, the arts, animals, and nature in general. She also represents the typical feminine Archetype.

You’ve reached a state of oneness with the Universe and your own spirituality. When you draw the Queen of Pentacles it indicates you have a giving, loving, nurturing, and compassionate nature. Make sure to treat yourself as kindly and compassionately as you treat others. People find you trustworthy, wise, and helpful. You might be lending an ear (or shoulder) to someone close to you. The Queen of Pentacles may also point to a time of change – of something taking root. Spiritually and emotionally remain calm and grounded, and continue to nurture that which you are trying to cultivate.

(As the Queen of the Thrones of Earth, the Queen of Pentacles is ruled by the Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. She represents nurturing, patience, pleasure, practicality, sensuality, and the embodiment of Gaia – Mother Earth. Her Shadow side manifests itself as bitterness, indecisiveness, moodiness, and frivolous behavior.)

Image © Sara Richard

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