Daily Tarot::Lord of Skulls (reversed)

NOTE:  Reversed cards interpreted as Upright – with greater emphasis.

The King of Pentacles was last drawn on 6.25.2017

Tarot of Vampyres

When the King of Pentacles appears, He’s urging you not to be a maverick right now.

n.  an unorthodox or independent-minded person

Get focused, be practical, and act with intent. If in a committed relationship, it may move into a more stable place; however, if it’s not working out the way you thought it would, now’s the time to speak-up – don’t expect your beloved to read your mind. The universal laws of attraction are present in the King of Pentacles. If you’ve been focusing on what’s lacking in your life, rethink the messages you’re sending out. Feed your spirit – your life (as well as your finances) will benefit as a result. The card may portend of something unexpected about to happen:  a dishonesty, open enemy attack, or a difficult situation that will require a bold action on your part.

(Also called the Prince of the Chariot of Earth, the King of Pentacles is aligned with the astrological Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. He represents abundant health, prosperity, wealth, and property – as well as earthly passions, wisdom, strength and patience. His Shadow side manifests itself as obstinacy, insensitivity, jealousy, idleness, and exhaustion.)

Image © Ian Daniels

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