Daily Tarot::The Moon

The Moon was last drawn on 10.5.2017

Tarot of Vampyres

The Number 18 is related to trickery, making someone else’s problem your problem, and experiencing hardships/learning lessons.

Generally, The Moon tends to appear when we are ignoring, denying, or refusing to see an undiscovered truth. A situation may appear cloudy or confusing to you right now. It’s possible that things are not all what they seem, but it’s also likely that insecurities and fears are distorting your perception. Remember that everyone and each situation is comprised of many sides – challenges, intentions, life lessons. In love relationships, The Moon points to some highly-charged emotions. Don’t let them get out of control, don’t make assumptions, and don’t take any course of action right now. Pay attention to your dreams (they’ll give you clues) and keep an eye out for synchronicities. The Moon also represents the female wildness within you and urges you to get in touch with those primal instincts.

(As the Ruler of Flux and Reflux and the Child of the Sons of the Mighty, The Moon represents the deep unconscious, illusions, lack of clarity, and the occult. Ruled by Pisces, The Moon’s Shadow aspect can appear as self-deception, addiction. depression, fear and hysteria.)

Image © Ian Daniels

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