Daily Tarot::2 of Wands

Today’s the last day for Daily Tarot posts. It’s become a pleasant habit for me to draw a card every day. It will continue to be one of my daily rituals and I will post any readings that I feel are particularly interesting.

I also do a weekly 3-card Tarot spread which I include in my journal (musings).

Now – on with the show…

This month alone, the 2 of Wands has appeared today, yesterday,
Christmas Day, and December 19th.
The last Post I published on the 2 of Wands was 12.19.2017

Alright already, I get the message…

Llewellyn Tarot

You’ve achieved a measure of success and are no longer in a situation filled with danger, difficulties, or trouble. Ask yourself: Where do you want to go now and what do you want to do with yourself? The 2 of Wands is all about taking stock of your life and access where you’re going. You have all the strength and energy of will to go wherever and do whatever your heart desires. The World’s your oyster. Keep meditating and pay close attention to your dreams (start a Dream Journal).

(The 2 of Wands is called the Lord of Dominion and is ruled by Mars in Aries – where it is at home! It represents energy of will, driving force, strength and power, pioneering spirt, and creativity – while the Shadow side can appear as aggression, cowardice, lack of confidence, revenge, and explosive violence.)

Image © Anna-Marie Ferguson

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