Daily Tarot::6 of Pentacles (reversed)

The 6 of Pentacles was last drawn on 11.17.2017

Robin Wood Tarot

The number 6 is linked to harmony and balance; connecting with the right relationships or reconciling a situation to restore harmony.

The 6 of Pentacles is all about giving and receiving (an exchange of energy) and striking a balance between. As above, so below…what you give will be returned to you ten-fold. You find yourself providing comfort or help to someone. On the other hand, the 6 of Pentacles might show someone coming to your aid. Practice random acts of kindness, compassion, generosity – and gratitude – for they are all attributes of the 6 of Pentacles.

(The 6 of Pentacles is also known as the Lord of Earned Success and represents prosperity, material gain, generosity, symbiosis, and self-awareness. It’s aligned with the Moon in Taurus and manifests its Shadow side as failure, poverty, greed or pettiness, negative influences, debt, and lack of sympathy.)

Image © Robin Wood

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In the year 1954…

  • January 4
    Elvis Presley records 10-minute demo
  • January 17
    Jacques Cousteau’s 1st telecast airs on CBS
  • January 26
    Disneyland breaks ground
  • February 2
    President Eisenhower finally admits to the detonation of the 1st H-Bomb – back in 1952
  • February 12
    The Atomic Energy Authority Bill is passed in the UK, establishing an organization to control atomic energy
  • February 23
    1st mass inoculation against polio using the Salk vaccine (Pittsburgh)
  • February 28
    Atmospheric nuclear test performed by the US at Bikini Island
  • March 1
    At Bikini Atoll, the US detonates its most powerful nuclear device to-date (15 megaton H-Bomb, Castle Bravo)
  • March 1
    Puerto Ricans open fire in House of Representatives
  • March 9
    1st local color TV commercial airs
  • March 25
    1st color TV (RCA)
  • March 26
    Atmospheric nuclear test performed by US – this time near Bikini Island
  • April 2
    After already breaking ground (Jan 26th), Disney formally announces plans to build Disneyland
  • April 6
    Swanson’s TV Dinner appears on the market
  • April 6
    Atmospheric nuclear test performed by US at Bikini Island
  • April 12
    “Rock Around the Clock” (Bill Haley and the Comets) and “Shake, Rattle & Roll” (Joe Turner) recorded
  • April 13
    Father of the Atomic Bomb, Robert Oppenheimer, accused of being a communist
  • April 22
    NBA adopts the 24-second shot clock & 6 team-foul rule
  • April 22
    USSR joins UNESCO
  • April 25
    1st solar battery announced by Bell Labs
  • April 25
    Atmospheric nuclear test performed by US at Bikini Island
  • April 26
    Nationwide test of Salk anti-polio vaccine
  • May 4
    Atmospheric nuclear test performed by US at Bikini Island
  • May 13
    Atmospheric nuclear test performed by US…at Enwetak
  • May 19
    CIA mail-opening project approved
  • May 21
    US Amendment which would’ve allowed 18 year-olds to vote was defeated
  • May 29
    1st annual Bilderberg convention
  • June 10
    PBS channel 9 (KQED, SF) begins broadcasting
  • June 12
    “Rock Around the Clock (Bill Haley) released
  • June 14
    The words “under God” are added to the Pledge of Allegiance
  • June 17
    Covert CIA operation carried out in Guatemala – with the help of the United Fruit Company
  • June 19
    Warner Bros’ Tasmanian Devil makes his debut (Devil May Hare)
  • June 27
    1st atomic power station opens (Obninsk, Russia)
  • June 27
    CIA-sponsored coup overthrows elected government of Guatemala
  • June 29
    US Atomic Energy Commission votes against reinstating Robert Oppenheimer (Father of the Atomic Bomb)
  • August 29
    SF International Airport (SFO) opens
  • September 14
    USSR performs nuclear test
  • September 17
    “Lord of the Flies” published
  • September 27
    Integration in public schools begins (Washington, D.C. & Baltimore)
  • October 24
    US pledges support to South Vietnam
  • October 27
    ABC premiers “Disneyland” (aka “The Wonderful World of Disney”)
  • October 29
    Muslim Brotherhood disbanded
  • November 2
    1st Senator elected by write-in vote (Strom Thurmond, SC)
  • November 12
    Ellis Island, NY closes
  • November 22
    Humane Society (US) is formed
  • December 4
    1st Burger King opened (Miami, FL)


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Daily Tarot::Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles was last drawn on 10.31.2017

DC Tarot

In a Tarot reading, Pentacles deal with material wealth, the physical body, home, and financial security. The Queen of Pentacles is deeply tied to physical beauty, the arts, animals, and nature in general. She also represents the typical feminine Archetype.

You’ve reached a state of oneness with the Universe and your own spirituality. When you draw the Queen of Pentacles it indicates you have a giving, loving, nurturing, and compassionate nature. Make sure to treat yourself as kindly and compassionately as you treat others. People find you trustworthy, wise, and helpful. You might be lending an ear (or shoulder) to someone close to you. The Queen of Pentacles may also point to a time of change – of something taking root. Spiritually and emotionally remain calm and grounded, and continue to nurture that which you are trying to cultivate.

(As the Queen of the Thrones of Earth, the Queen of Pentacles is ruled by the Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. She represents nurturing, patience, pleasure, practicality, sensuality, and the embodiment of Gaia – Mother Earth. Her Shadow side manifests itself as bitterness, indecisiveness, moodiness, and frivolous behavior.)

Image © Sara Richard

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Daily Tarot::Death

Death was last drawn on 8.18.2017

Tarot of Vampyres

This card is not only about the “death” of something (perhaps a toxic relationship or destructive behavior), but the rebirth or renewal that occurs thereafter. Whatever you’re experiencing – no matter how painful – it’s important to surrender to it and let things play out. Don’t fight changes. Continue to cultivate a positive outlook in anticipation of the “rebirth” that’s coming your way!

(Known as the Child of the Great Transformers and Lord of the Gate of Death, the Death card represents transformation, spiritual growth, sorcery, and rebirth. Death is ruled by Scorpio and its Shadowy aspects are intoxication, desperation, resistance to change or the inability to accept change, and self-pity.)

Image © Ian Daniels

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Being Aware

n. a skilled user of words

Usually I save this sort of rambling for my diary, but being a wordsmith I thought it’d be interesting to look into what’s behind the words aware and awareness.

adj. having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact

n. knowledge or perception of a situation or fact

Wikipedia defines aware as “the adjectival form of awareness, the perception of or reaction to an event.” There are different types of awareness – depending on one’s frame of reference.

frame of reference
n. a set of criteria or stated values in relation to which measurements or
judgments can be made

Consciousness:  The Psychology of Awareness
“Consciousness refers to your individual awareness of your unique thoughts, memories, feelings, sensations, and environment.”

“Awareness is a state of being conscious of one’s self and one’s surroundings. A state of being conscious and aware of one’s awareness is called self-awareness and is considered a higher form of awareness. The science of biological psychology defines awareness as perception and cognitive response to a situation or circumstance.”

There’s also something called Covert Awareness:
“Covert awareness is the knowledge of something without knowing it.”

Finally, The Psychophysiology of Self-Awareness states:
“Embodied self-awareness is the practice and science of our ability to feel our movements, sensations, and emotions.”

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