Daily Tarot::Daughter of Knives (reversed)

Tarot of Vampyres

Visually, this is one of my least favorite cards in the Tarot of Vampyres deck. I don’t particularly like the appearance of this young Vampyress – preferring more womanly vampyres over some little girl…and I hate her fucking boots. However, reading the card I get the impression she has killed with a cool detachment.

I’ve always viewed children as being more vicious and cold-blooded than adults. Devoid of the concepts of morality, they know where and when to strike – as seen with this young killer. There’s no grace or seduction here, just pure animalistic lust. Think Lord of the Flies.

Message:  I need to push aside my inherent tempestuous nature and strike with heartless precision.

(Known as the Princess of the Rushing Winds and Lotus of the Palace of Air, the Page of Swords stands for rebelliousness, cleverness, and knowing one’s own power.)

Image © Ian Daniels

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