Daily Tarot::Ace of Skulls

Tarot of Vampyres

Image © Ian Daniels

The Ace of Skulls is one of the most beautiful cards in the Tarot of Vampyres. Roses in shades of purple (my favorite color, next to black) dance around the skull of a vampyre. This skull is decorated with metal which has been shaped into loose coils and large spirals, purple gemstones (one being an upside-down heart positioned over the sixth chakra), and a large pentagram gracing the frontal lobe region. (I’m getting ideas for some new jewelry designs…)

n. (in Indian thought) each of the centers of spiritual power in the human body, usually considered to be seven in number

Did you notice the symbol beneath the pentagram? It looks like a variant of the dyet (Latin “d” with stroke), although it may have Arabic roots. Since the artist’s last name is Daniels, perhaps this was his way of incorporating a signature into the card (perhaps he’s an Earth sign?).

(Also known as the Root of the Powers of Earth, the Ace of Pentacles is representative of material force, endurance and power, and emotional stability.)

Aces point to new beginnings; and Pentacles are symbolic of the element of Earth and material things. Together they portend of financial and material prosperity and abundance. This may manifest itself in the form of new business opportunities or financial support coming from an unexpected source. To help you stay grounded, the Ace of Pentacles suggests you focus on the natural world around you. In relationships, money is definitely an important consideration in the deciding factor.

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