Daily Tarot::Daughter of Scepters

Tarot of Vampyres

Image © Ian Daniels

My, my…isn’t this Vampyress a seductive beauty. She is comfortable in her own skin, aware of the sultry charm she exudes. However, the Daughter of Scepters is all about her own independent Will, detached from those who are bewitched by her feline eyes (looking into them one’s reminded of a predator hunting down prey) and lithe form.

adj. (especially of a person’s body) thin, supple, and graceful

The Page of Wands points to a restlessness – like a caged animal. You are waiting for your Muse to appear – and here she is! This Page (like all Pages) carries a missive for you:  Heed your powers of intuition and remain in tune with the environment around you.

As the Princess of the Shining Flame and the Rose of the Palace of Fire, the Page of Wands is linked to the element of Fire. She embodies that initial spark of creativity, sexual charisma, self-assurance, independence, and individuality.

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