Daily Tarot::The World

Tarot of Vampyres

Image © Ian Daniels

Saturn is the Planet of Karma – the taskmaster of the Zodiac – and here is linked to Capricorn. It governs old age and the passage of time. Saturn’s role is a teacher whose job is educating us in life’s lessons.

Also called The Universe in some decks, the exotic performer represented in The World is surrounded by three of the four totem animals:  Wolf (Pentacles), Crow (Swords), and Black Panther (Wands). She dances with the fourth, a Serpent (Cups).

Like The Fool whose journey ends with this card, this beautiful woman is a newly-born Vampyre, as evidenced by the bloody fang marks on her neck. Were they inflicted by the serpent she holds? Maybe the red on its snout isn’t blood, but the blood-red lipstick worn by the dancer…

Also called The Great One of the Night of Time, The World is ruled by Saturn and symbolizes the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, discovering our true self and our purpose, and self-identity.

Having been recently inducted into the Court of the Undead, she’s ready to begin her journey through the Minor Arcana. But not just yet. Today she’s performing solo on her own World Stage; swaying to music only she can hear and dancing for no reason other than her own pleasure. Reveling in her individuality, her independence, her individuation.

n.  the process by which an individual becomes distinct, and
uniquely themselves

ℳ –


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