Just the Fact-oids from Dubsville

The Golden State Warriors have been having a tough time of it the last few months injury-wise. But instead of focusing on the speculation about the upcoming playoffs, I dug-up some interesting tidbits on a few of their players.

Jordan Bell (#2)
Astrological sign:  Capricorn
Attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School

Kevin Durant (#35)
Astrological sign:  Libra
The close relationship Kevin has with his Mom was detailed in a Lifetime movie,
The Real MVP: The Wanda Pratt Story
He’s contributed to the new media company The Players’ Tribune as both a photographer and writer; and covered Super Bowl 50 as their credentialed photographer.

Draymond Green (#23)
Astrological sign:  Pisces
Draymond admitted of all animals he’s most afraid of cats!
(I think he should start hanging-out with JaVale & Raja…)

Andre Iguodala (#9)
Astrological sign:  Aquarius
Andre likes playing video games – especially the NBA 2K series.

Damian Jones (#15)
Astrological sign:  Cancer
Majored in engineering science.

Kevon Looney (#5)
Astrological sign:  Aquarius
His cousin is fellow teammate Nick Young.

JaVale McGee (#1)
Astrological sign:  Capricorn on the cusp of Aquarius

  • Owns a Sphynx cat named Raja
  • Became a vegan last year
  • Up until 2013 (when the Nuggets drafted Gobert), McGee had the largest documented armspan of any current NBA player:  7’6.5″
  • The reality series Mom’s Got Game chronicled the lives of JaVale and his Mom (a former WNBA basketball star), Pamela McGee

Klay Thompson (#11)
Astrological sign:  Aquarius

  • Owns an English Bulldog named Rocco
  • Raised $360,374 to help those affected by the October 2017 Northern California wildfires

Nick Young (#6)
Astrological sign:  Gemini
In addition to Looney, Nick is also a cousin of rapper Kendrick Lamar
He was the main subject of a 2007 documentary Second Chance Season

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