Take No Prisoners*

Tarot of Vampyres

Images © Ian Daniels

8 of Wands
“Lord of Swiftness.”

Mercury in Sagittarius:   As the Messenger of the Gods, Mercury represents ideas, thought processes, logic and reasoning, restlessness, and all types of communication. Astrologically, Sagittarius is considered curious, broad-minded, philosophical, optimistic and enthusiastic, restless, and a truth-seeker.
Number 8: Movement, action, accomplishment, change, recognition, and success.

The 8 of Wands demands swift, decisive action – NOW. You’ve felt restrained or confined for too long – time to spread your wings and fly! If you’ve been procrastinating about starting (or finishing) something, today is the day for action. Let the wind at your back propel you forward. Since the 8 of Wands is also representative of communication and truth-seeking, you may find yourself in conversations where differences of opinion are being voiced. Let the broad-mindedness of Sagittarius be your guide and listen with an open mind. But don’t forget to stand-up and let your voice be heard, as well. Make sure no misunderstandings or mis-communications arise as a result. Be honest and direct, clear and thoughtful – the outcome will be well worth it.

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God, I love this card – it’s absolutely one of my favorite in the deck. The movement, the fierceness, the intent…did I mention how HOT he is? (He should be part of my Beefcake series.) The symbol for Sagittarius is clearly seen on the Vampyre’s necklace and the front of the (crypt? wall?) he’s vaulting over, while Mercury’s glyph forms his belt buckle. This gorgeous Vampyre is definitely taking no prisoners.

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