I’m Going Out On A Limb


Both the Eastern and Western Divions are in Game 7 of their respective series – with the final match between the Cavaliers and Celtics tonight in Boston. I’m betting the Cavaliers will win the Eastern series and go on to the Finals.

I’m also predicting 2018 MVP will go to LeBron James. This is a no-brainer.

‘Kayso, what about the Golden State Warriors? They face the Houston Rockets for Game 7 of their series tomorrow night in Houston (6:00pm PST).

It will be a knuckle-biter for Dub-nation…

It’s no secret I’m a proud part of Dub-nation, and have the Warriors’ addition of Kevin Durant to the roster last year to thank for that. After following last year’s playoffs, emerging victorious as 2017 NBA Champs, and religiously watching every single game this season, I’ve gotten a feel for all the players. The Golden State Warriors are  a  the Dream Team of the NBA.

Therefore, it pains me to see the turnovers and less-than-stellar decisions they make on the court. Up until the second half of last night’s game against Houston, you wouldn’t have guessed that this was a win-or-go-home match. They finally got their mojo back to win 115-86, tying the Series.

But one glaring point emerged. While the Cavs have a strong presence in LeBron James and the Rockets have theirs with James Harden, the Warriors lack this. Kevin Durant is ranked 2nd best player in the NBA; and while he is a superb all-around basketball player he doesn’t have the leadership strengths needed to be a LeBron or a Harden. What I did see in the 2nd half was Steph Curry taking the lead and that’s when they started turning things around.

Which brings me to my prediction for tomorrow’s game. If Steph continues to take the reins, along with Draymond Green (who’s got some solid leadership skills of his own), they will prevail over the Rockets. If not, well…they’re up against a tough opponent. I guess it will all come down to how much they want it.

I sure would love to see the Warriors against the Cavaliers. It will be the 4th time these two teams have faced each other in the Finals. My prediction:  The Golden State Warriors will cream the Cleveland Cavaliers.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After spending two months recovering from a lumbar spinal contusion, Patrick MacCaw (0) took the court once again last night (to a standing ovation that gave me goose bumps), landing his opening shot right into the basket. Welcome back, Patrick!

I’m also continually dazzled out-of-my mind by the presentation and production value at the Oracle Arena. I watched a lot of NBA matches at arenas around the country and, hands-down, Oracle puts on THE BEST!!! Amazing video and LED displays, pyro-technics, and a tonnage of Warrior-yellow confetti dropped at the end of the games – not to mention some top-notch half-time entertainment and the solid (and loud) support of Dub-nation attendees. WARRR-RIORRS WARRR-RIORRS WARRR-RIORRS

Did a little research and turns out it’s an in-house production, Warrior Studio, that’s behind the “pomp and circumstance”. They’re not only responsible for in-stadium entertainment at Oracle, they also produce video content for warriors.com, social media platforms, commercials, and TV shows – snagging an Emmy for their extraordinary efforts!



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