Poetic Judgement in the Garden of Good and Evil

Tarot of Vampyres

Images © Ian Daniels

4 of Swords

Jupiter in Libra:   Happy-go-lucky Jupiter brings optimistic and philosophical properties to the astrological sign of balance, harmony, and one-on-one relationships.
Number 4:  The process of manifestation, stability, and structure.

n. the action or fact of showing an abstract idea

Today’s the perfect time to gather together your internal resources and plan your next step.

This beautiful young lady has been bitten by a vampyre. Not enough blood is evident from the bite to account for the amount of blood on her hand and splattered on the front of her dress. Clearly she’s survived the attack, but perhaps she’s wounded her attacker – dispensing justice and balancing the scales (Libran). Libra’s energies are also evident in the way the statue mirrors her stance (balance) and the murdered crow (justice served), the crow being Knives’ totem animal. More symbols of the suit of Knives can be found in the white roses, hair, and gown; the wings on the statue; and of course the daggar which displays the symbol for Libra. Notice how both the statue and the woman are looking in the same direction. Perhaps waiting for the wounded vampire to catch up with her? The 4 of Swords is the Lord of Rest from Strife (also called Truce). A brave battle has been fought and seemingly won – for the time being. She’s taking a much-deserved rest in this peaceful sanctuary.

Supporting Role

Judgement (R)
Reversed read as Upright with more attention paid to its message.

Pluto in Scorpio:  As God of the Underworld, Pluto controls the forces and events that govern our lives – which no deal can be struck. Scorpio effectively harnesses this planet’s volcanic power, and is both secretive and intense.
Number 20:  Opposing energies, duality.

Judgement Day is here. Power struggles, issues of control, or internal conflicts may be evident. Whatever decision must be made know that it will be a game-changer and will have a long-term influence on your life.

Here we have Heath Ledger’s Joker in vampiric form. Since Scorpio symbolizes death and rebirth, this is fitting. The Vampyre’s pose is dancer-like, but not in a highly theatrical way like The Fool. Harkening back to my analogy, I seem to remember the Joker being “light of foot”. The Spirit of the Primal Fire (also known as The Aeon) is ruled by the element of Fire, represented here by the two symbols from the suit of Scepters: crosses/scepters and the totem animal, Panther. A link to Skulls (Earth), and Knives (Air) are also seen – but none from the watery suit (Grails).

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