Alone ≠ Lonely

Everyday Witch Tarot
Images © Deborah Blake & Elisabeth Alba

The Hermit (R)
The Magus of the Voice of Power
The Propet of the Eternal

Mercury in Virgo:  As it’s ruling planet, Mercury loves being in Virgo. This combo represents critical thinking and the need to discern and communicate logically.
Number 9:  Conclusions, completion, attainment, resolution.

Being a Major Arcana card, The Hermit is giving you no choice in the matter: it’s time for some long-overdue self-evaluation.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

The Hermit acts as your Spiritual Guide. He/She is here to guide you to your own personal truth; who you are and what you can become, what makes you unique, and your purpose in life. But you’ll have to face your Shadow side first…and that’s when the magic happens. Be still and pay attention to what’s going on inside you. Acknowledge and embrace whatever mood, thought, or feeling appears. When The Hermit appears in Reverse it means you need to pay greater attention to its message.

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