n.  a form of modern paganism, especially a tradition founded in England in the
mid 20th century and claiming its origins in pre-Christian religions

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I grew-up Episcopalian, and by that I mean my parents were Episcopalian so I was raised as such. I loved showing-off my burgeoning fashion sense every Sunday by including black patent leather shoes, white gloves, and matching hat to whatever über-cute ensemble I put together.
(I still have a passion for black patent leather shoes, and own several pairs of non-white gloves. Hats…not so much. I detest hat hair…)

But outside of getting a new Easter outfit every year, traditional religion never did much for me.

My spiritual connection leaned toward nature and the supernatural – two things I view as being symbiotic. Compatible. This meant I accepted as fact that there was magic all around us. It also meant I was a little different from other kids.

Nowadays, alternative beliefs are more mainstream than when I was a kid. Sure, we had shows like Bewitched – but the magic was played for laughs. I wish there were Monster High dolls or shows like Charmed and Sabrina the Teenage Witch when I was growing-up. It would’ve made things a lot easier…

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