The Mind is a Fertile Garden*

Everyday Witch Tarot
Images © Deborah Blake & Elisabeth Alba

Queen of Pentacles
Queen of the Thrones of Earth

Mercury in Virgo:  Critical-thinking, problem-solving, analytical, orderly, articulate.
Number 13 = 4:  Grounding energy, stability, structure, process of manifestation.

If this card doesn’t symbolize abundance I don’t know what does! The Queen of Pentacles (from the Everyday Witch Tarot) is fertile, but not in the normal sense as she’s clearly a woman past her child-bearing years.

Considered a “harvest card”, she’s invested her “power to produce” well:  a lush, bountiful garden and chest full of money. Even her cat has followed suit – with three black kittens. Pentacles is connected to the material realm, but this Queen’s fertility also extends to her imagination. She has a strong creative streak capable of giving birth to new and original ideas with ease.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

As the Queen of Pentacles is the Earth Mother Archetype, she patiently cultivates the seeds she plants to ensure a bountiful harvest. The life that’s being nurtured here should not be limited to raising a child or growing a garden – anything one’s passionate about should be fostered with loving intent, be it health, hobby, business, or creative endeavor. She urges you to “grow” an undertaking in which you are currently involved.

You also have a deep connection to nature and animals, and an affinity for New Age subjects such as spirituality, mysticism, holism, and environmentalism.

Lastly, this Queen indicates a need for security acquired through self-sufficiency and independence. What you harvest may prove to be financially beneficial.

* Bruce Lee

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