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Copal is a name given to tree resin. The resins from the copal tree (Protium copal) were used as ceremonial incense by the cultures of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, and was discovered in the burial grounds of Mayan ruins. It is still used ceremonially by some indigenous peoples of Mexico and Central America.

Copal resin from Hymenaea verrucosa is found in East Africa and is used in incense. By the 18th century, Europeans discovered it was a valuable ingredient in making good wood varnish.

The word copal is derived from the Nahuati word copalli (“incense”).

Metaphysical Properties

Purification, consecration, cleansing, to promote spirituality, inspiration, contact with astral planes, exorcism, hex-breaking, banishment, seeking “divine favors”.

  • Use to purify crystals & stones, to consecrate ritual tools, during spellwork to ward-off negative energies, and to energetically clear spaces.
  • Between readings, I cleanse my Tarot deck(s) in its smoke.
  • As it’s linked with the crown chakra, burn copal during meditations. It is particularly effective in removing energy blockages and in relieving stress and melancholy.
  • Burning copal with other herbs or resins adds power and focus to their metaphysical properties.
  • When making a poppet, use a piece of copal to represent its heart.
  • Fashion a piece of amber copal into a charm to wear as a protective amulet.

You can purchase high-quality Copal online from Psychic Eye Books.

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