The Love of a Cat Named Ortoloni ~ Chapter 2

To recap, it took less than 48 hours for this little orange kitten to capture my heart. Since we’d decided to keep him, a visit to the vet was in order. This was Sunday.

The veterinarian determined he was 14 weeks old, which means he was born around May 25th of 1997. A Gemini. During the exam the vet also discovered eye and intestinal infections. (I realized that without medical attention he would have never survived the winter months at CGA.)

Vaccinations performed and prescribed medicines in hand, we headed home. His eye infection required that ointment be applied regularly. Although I had to extract him from his “cave” he was a real trooper, but still refused to eat/drink/use the litter box if anyone was in the room. I continued to administer smooches whenever I could. Now that he was a part of the household, the little guy needed a proper name. I don’t rush this process – preferring to let a name “come to me” when the time is right.

So how in the world did I come up with his name? In the summer of 1997, HBO debuted a new series called OZ. The first episode featured a character by the name of Dino Ortoloni (played by Jon Seda) who I had fallen in love with. The kitten didn’t really look like a Dino, but since I had a history of using surnames for my pets I christened him Ortoloni. Ortoloni acquired several nicknames over the course of his lifetime:  Sweet Cheeks, Cheeky Cheeks, Cheddar Butt, and Loni-Loni.

Ortoloni gradually got over his infections and was coming out of his cubby to interact with me, but adamantly refused to leave the bathroom. It took him three months before he felt brave enough to venture downstairs. There he befriended another member of the family – a Bearded Dragon named Mephisto.

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