Are you a Mosquito-magnet?

I’m a mosquito-magnet. The little fiends LOVE me!! The area of Placerville where I live is off Mosquito Road. Yep. Named that for a reason:  the numerous lakes around here are just filled with the buggers! (Thank god we’ll be moving to town…) Bats DO help keep the population down, but not without getting a sip or two from yours truly.

Vogue published an interesting article last year about why some people are “mosquito magnets”. Turns out it has NOTHING to do with your habits, what you eat, or the perfume you wear.

“…female mosquitos, which are the ones that bite, are attracted to the scent of carbon dioxide, which all humans emit through their pores…A secondary zeroing in occurs in the form of lactic acid, which is the by-product of muscle firing, or exercising. Often people who work out regularly emit more lactic acid, as well as people who have higher metabolic rates. And someone with a higher resting heart rate produces more carbon dioxide and more lactic acid, attracting even more mosquitos…”

And here I thought there were no negatives to keeping in shape…

The good news is wearing light-colored clothing and using natural repellants (stay away from any that contain the dangerous chemical DEET) will keep these blood-suckers at bay.

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