Diego’s Good Reads

As you can see from the photo below, both Diego and I enjoy the WARRIOR CATS series by Erin Hunter. The books chronicle the trials and tribulations of (non-domesticated) cats and their Clans. We are currently on Book 2 (Thunder and Shadow) of the latest series entitled A Vision of Shadows.

From warriorcats.com:

The Warrior Cats are divided into Clans, who inhabit their own safely guarded territories. Each have their own set of skills and beliefs, but all follow the Warrior Code…

ThunderClan is a peaceful and respectful Clan that generally has all the Clans’ best interests at heart. They’ve been known to take in loners or kittypets (household pets – M) who need help, which enables their Clan to grow.

RiverClan cats care greatly for their Clanmates. They take great job in the beauty of the river and are a Clan of strong swimmers, highly skilled at fishing.

WindClan cats are very proud of being closest to both the Moonstone and the Moonpool. They claim they’re closest to their ancestors due to this, and because they sleep directly under Silverpelt.

ShadowClan is a proud and fierce Clan that tends to keep to itself. They have the smallest territory, which has made it harder for them compared to the other Clans.

The modern Clans did not know about SkyClan until very recently. They were given part of ShadowClan’s territory in an attempt by ShadowClan to have a strong ally beside them. They’re learning to be a Clan again.

StarClan is seen as all-knowing and sacred to the Clans. It is home to the spirits of the ancestors of the living cats, where borders no longer exist, and the cats of all Clans live in peace.

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