Early Morning Workout

‘Kayso, I go on a 2-1/2 mile “Power Walk” 6 days a week. In addition to a half-dozen hills I navigate, I add to my cardiac/weight-burning load by strapping on 1# gloves. (Five of the six days I follow-up my Power Walk with a session of weight-training, tummy-tightening, butt-lifting, and stretching which amounts to about 30 minutes.)

This morning I took photos of five of these six hills.

It takes me 40 minutes from start to finish. This morning I added another 1/4 mile, for a total of 45 minutes of fat-burning activity. (The trick is to walk at a good enough clip so you can talk but not SING – and not slowing down when traversing the inclines. That’ll get your heart-rate going and KEEP it going until the next incline…)

During my walks, I meet many neighborhood animals – including two less-than-pleasant encounters with dogs. Unleashed, unfenced-in dogs. (Fortunately, none of us sustained injuries.) But after the second confrontation I started leaving the house earlier and at the same time, so as to establish a routine that both canines and canine-owners would get accustomed to.

Only 1/4 mile more…

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Tarot ~ 5 Card Spread

This particular 5-Card Spread is entitled I’ve Got the Power! Your Life Changing Tarot Spread!

After shuffling & cutting the deck three times, during which I told the cards they would be read “face up”, I spread them out before me and concentrated on each question (see below) prior to choosing a card. This is the result:

1. What do I THINK I’m leaving behind?
(This can represent a person, a set of circumstances, or an aspect of yourself.)

The Hanged Man

Suspension, Sacrifice, Surrender, Self-Denial, Restraint, Reversal, Martyrdom, “Letting Go”

2. What am I REALLY leaving behind?
(This can be a person, a situation, or a mindset.)

5 of Grails (Cups)

Loss, Change, Separation, Mourning, Heartache

The next three cards are the Power part of the spread,
representing 3 choices ahead of you.

3.  9 of Skulls (Pentacles)

Enjoy the pleasures available to you. Build your own abundance by accepting all that life has to offer. Embrace those things in life that make you happy. The peace that comes with self-sufficiency (not having to be dependent on others) is important.

4.  Ace of Grails (Cups)

The answer to your question is love, compassion, and kindness. Look to connect with others, set aside selfishness, and express feelings openly. It also indicates a connection to The Arts and expressing your feelings.

5.  Prince of Knives
(Knight of Swords)

Moving from one idea to another without definite purpose will allow you to create new thought patterns. Free yourself from limiting ideas, old beliefs, and infertile perceptions. You can create your own reality – whatever you think to be true WILL BECOME YOUR TRUTH. This is a good time to give birth to new ideas, try new approaches, or start new projects. Give form to your voice and personal vision – thinking beyond the limits of your self-containment.

I am more comfortable with Swords & Wands; so of the 3 choices this one felt the most RIGHT.

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