James Bowen & Street Cat Bob

If you don’t know who James Bowen and Street Cat Bob are, James is the author of several best-selling books – including A Streetcat Named Bob and The World According to Bob – centering around the amazing ginger cat who saved both their lives. A Street Cat Named Bob was made into a 2016 film starring Bob himself.

If you know me or have visited this site, you know how much I LOVE CATS!!! You may also be familiar with…my FAMILIAR, Diego. (Handsome devil, isn’t he?)

What you may not know is that I also support various animal welfare organizations such as:
Animals Asia
Milo’s Sanctuary  (via Amazon Smile)

Earlier this year, Diego and I hooked-up with Patreon in support of James’ and Bob’s efforts helping charities involved with homelessness, literacy, and animal welfare.

Yesterday, we received a lovely letter from James & Bob…all the way from London, England!

Diego and I wanted to congratulate James on his engagement to Monika (and her cat, Pompom) and say we are eagerly looking forward to Bob’s new movie!

James Bowen & Street Cat Bob on Facebook
A Street Cat Named Bob (book series) on Facebook
Street Cat Bob’s website
Their YouTube Channel
and TONS of interviews and miscellaneous clips on YouTube


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